AB15 to provide Business Storytelling Courses at neospace

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Bob Keiller and Derrick Thomson of AB15 are business storytelling experts. ‘Business Storytelling’ is a type of business communication focused on getting messages across more effectively - to customers, to investors, to staff and anyone else.

Through their 6 week programmes, Bob and Derrick of AB15 will share methods and templates for effective business storytelling that are “built on published science and bags of experience and avoid any need for people to demonstrate any charisma or artistic talent.”

With the first course due to launch in Spring 2022 at neospace, the Business Storytelling programmes will include:

  • 3 x 2 hour sessions two weeks apart
  • 2 x drop in clinics
  • 10 x e-learning modules: the principles of effective business storytelling
  • 6 x support reference notes (140 pages +)


The three main themes of the course are: Process, Structure & Story.

  • Process: how do you prepare properly to give yourself the best chance of communicating effectively?
  • Structure: what should be included (or excluded) from a presentation?
  • Story: the ingredients and recipe to create short, memorable, compelling business stories

The programme will include ‘homework’, preparing and filming short videos for analysis and feedback in class to learn from each other. Whilst this may sound daunting, it is designed to turn theory into practise.

As described by AB15, the programme is “tough, it’s fun and it is transformational for some.”

“Many people have been through “Presentation Skills” training at some point - perhaps more than once. We don’t do presentation skills - we are focussed on getting the right content and preparing well – then delivering it naturally and enthusiastically. We won’t cover body language, power poses, breathing techniques etc. which, in our experience, are less important than content.

We help companies hone their messages to land lucrative contracts or raise millions of pounds from investors. The techniques we share also help when you are trying to recruit new talent, talk to your colleagues or even put yourself forward for a TED Talk.”



The first Business Storytelling Course is due to launch at neospace this April. The course fee is £1,000 + VAT per person, but is free to neospace members.

This Business Storytelling programme is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed. To register your interest for the course, please click here. We will be in touch once course dates are finalised.


About AB15

Through their consultancy AB15, Bob and Derrick have trained thousands of people who, in turn, have raised millions of pounds, won hundreds of contracts and sold tons of products.

AB15 is a not-for-profit company set up to help others. The fees charged from profitable private sector companies are re-invested to support charities, social enterprises and ambitious entrepreneur’s pro-bono, and now neospace too.


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