a neospace concept


We all want to make time for our personal life and work around our lifestyle, instead of living around our work schedule. If the pandemic has given us one thing, it’s reassurance that you can work flexibly and still be productive!

Working 9-5pm isn’t the norm anymore, and it doesn’t have to be. At neospace we embrace flexible working, life balance, and living your desired routine all under one roof with our work. rest. play. concept. Curious? We thought so!


Many companies are keen to adopt a hybrid approach now that restrictions have eased and returning to offices is on the cards. While we’ve enjoyed spending more time at home with the family/dog/laundry pile, there comes a point where you need to separate your work life, from your home life. At neospace, we wanted to create a hub where employees can make the most of office perks, such as in-person communication, brainstorming, collaboration and learning. With high-tech facilities and private meeting rooms, neospace members don’t have to worry about blurring their Zoom backdrop or the kids playing the TV too loud. Instead they can focus on the task at hand and receive advice from those they trust around them.


In the past, many people would work through breaks and power through their To Do list. However, breaks can make you work so much more efficiently. At neospace we firmly believe in having an uninterrupted rest period. Time to breathe allows you to go back to the job with fresh new ideas. It’s important to find a balance, which is why we implemented spacious, well-equipped breakout spaces and calming lounges. Here guests and members can wind down, listen to music, enjoy lunch or simply chill with a coffee. All done whilst enjoying the views of the River Dee right outside our windows. Sometimes, our best ideas come to us when we’re not actively trying to think of them. Therefore at neospace we think it’s important to have an environment that calms stress and helps revitalise our mind. At neospace we aren't just designed to have high tech offices, we’ve also created a space that is designed to boost performance and creativity. So those lightbulb moments can happen at a more convenient time, and not just when you’re in the shower or relaxing on the sofa!


Now as much we love our chill time, for some people, embracing physical activity is the best form of therapy. In fact, it’s thought to improve job performance, brain power and our overall health. The trouble is individuals struggle to fit physical activity into their schedule, with personal wellness being the first thing we often sacrifice. With this in mind, we built a state-of-the-art gym and wellness centre right at the heart of neospace. With the very latest equipment and a jam-packed class timetable, neoGym offers something for everyone. Our mission is to make wellbeing easy for our members, so of course we included a sauna and steam room to help de-stress after a hectic day in the office (upstairs). From an employer’s perspective, offering these amenities to employees means that they are likely to feel valued and looked after, resulting in a more positive approach to their work life.

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